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“Yeah but the pee still goes through the vagina,” said one guy. “The vagina is This is a very tiny hole that does lead to the bladder. It's above the vagina (and.

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The male or female tip of the urethra. "OUCH my boyfriend game me a UTI and now my pee hole feels like a fire crotch acid drip!" What do you know? Aug 28, - Understanding the Men Who Shove Things Up Their Pee-Hole for Pleasure. It's called How exactly does one engage in urethral play?

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Doing the pee hole

Oct 10, - The urethra does not stretch nearly far enough for sex to occur without years of very intentional stretching and training. See Katherine Rossiter's. Jan 8, - Women urinate through their urethra. This is the same way that men urinate. You will notice your urine leaving your body through the end of the.

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Looking for online definition of Pee hole in the Medical Dictionary? Pee hole explanation free. What is Pee hole? Meaning of Pee hole medical term. What does. Aug 17, - It's not like a dude's pee hole; that thing is basically staring at you like a cycloptic yet If there's nothing wrong with it, what does it matter? I feel.

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Aug 20, - If You Stick Things in Your Pee Hole, Awful Things Will Happen Why do you think people do this in a sexual way? They use metal or glass. Jun 11, - We ask people in the office and find out who really uses the Pee Pee Hole. Tweet this Video: There is also now a page on.

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Oct 8, - The other is the opening to the urethra. It's above the opening of the vagina. It's not easy to see. It provides a passageway for urine to flow from. Feb 9, - I had no idea what a urethra was until I got into a fight with my boyfriend Via I asked him “what do you mean the wrong hole.

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Jul 29, - Seth Rogen (The Green Hornet), Beau Garrett (Tron: Legacy), Mike Relm and others weigh in on what you should and should not do when. Jun 1, - We'll go over the structure and function of the female urethra and explain Doing so can spread bacteria from your anal area to your urethra.

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Hypospadias is a condition in which the urethra does not develop the right way and the urethral opening (meatus or pee-hole) is not in the normal place at the tip. Jul 20, - Do you know how many holes there are in a woman's nether regions? In fact, women have three portals: a urethra, vagina, and anus. Don't.

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Apr 18, - It's the hole that you pee out of, and it's not possible to insert a penis get your period, and where you would give birth out of if you ever do that. Does your shapewear have a gusset, aka pee hole? Do you want to stay dressed AND dry when using the pee hole? peeLUX is the perfect fit for using the.

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Aug 2, - Whilst peeing, the back of my thong filled up with pee, puddled, and then dumped all Do not, I repeat, do not trust the pee hole in your Spanx. The only thing that should ever come from your urethra is pee. They may do some tests to find out exactly which bacteria is causing the problem and to rule out.